Monday, November 30, 2009

5 Audio Experiences Toddlers Will Never Have

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As my daughter gets older, there are several audio experiences from my past that she will never get to enjoy.  Below are five audio experiences from my youth she will miss out on.

Recording a song from the radio.  She will never even know what cassette tapes are for that matter.  Now with the ability to just buy the song or snag it from YouTube, she will never have the joy of cursing at the top of her lungs when the DJ talks over the first ten seconds of the song making your recording worthless.
What she will miss out on - listening to hours of commercials and unrelated crappy music to record that cool song onto cassette tape from the radio. 

Vinyl albums.  Last year I asked my class of college freshman if they had ever seen a vinyl record and one students said, "at my grandma's house."  Sadly, the days of vinyl are gone.  I firmly believe that any music recorded on pre-digital media sounds better in vinyl's analog state.  They can digitally remaster all they would like, but in the end, Dark Side of the Moon is always going to sound better on vinyl than on CD.
What she will miss out on - those little pops when the needle hits the record before the first track begins to play.

AM/FM only car stereo.  I remember in high school having to listen to my Walkman through headphones if I wanted to listen to music other than the radio in the car.  Now, and in the future, CD/mp3/Sirius radio's are standard and do not require extra dollars to have them put in. 
What she will miss out on - constantly changing the channel to find that they all seem to be on commercial at the same time.

Sony MiniDisc.  There was a time when Sony's MiniDiscs were going to revolutionize digital recordings and give users the ability to record a CD quality recording.  While an initial surge was present, it died out quickly and now MiniDiscs are for MiniDisc fanboys only.
What she will miss out on - being able to show off to her friends as being the only person in her town to have one.

Walkman/Discman.  I spent the years 1989-2000 with one of these clipped to my pants (or in the winter, in my coat pocket).  Now with iPods and mp3 players, these bulky devices are obsolete.
What she will miss out on - having to carry multiple mix tapes/CDs and spare batteries everywhere she goes.

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