Saturday, November 28, 2009

Add a Song from YouTube into your Music Library

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An easy way to get that song you like (or hard to get a hold of) in your iTunes library can be done simply by grabbing it from YouTube.  If you are crazy about audio quality, stop now and forget that you ever clicked this.  However, if you like radio quality sound, read on. 

1.) Start by going to YouTube and type in the name of the track that you want.

2.) Copy (Control-C) the URL of the song you want.

3.) Go to and paste (Control-V) the URL in the space at the top.

4.) Download the .mp4 to your computer.

5.) Download AoA Audio Extractor here:

6.) Once installed, use AoA Audio Extractor to load the .mp4 file and then extract the music as .mp3.

7.) That's it, you can import into your music library for use.

NOTE: if you want to adjust the sound of the file, may I suggest GoldWave.  It is shareware that allows you to adjust levels, volume, etc.  It is located here:

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