Sunday, November 22, 2009

Common Internet Tricks for Beginners

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ielogoWhenever I teach my Introduction to Internet class, these are some of the things that we discuss when using IE (the college's default browser). 

Internet Explorer 6 Users
2001 is over, stop reading now and upgrade your browser!

F6-Control trick
To maneuver from Web page to Web page via Internet Explorer can be done with a little practice and some shortcuts.  Here is how:
* When you are on a Web site - let's say for example and you want to go to another site, you start by pressing F6.  What this will do is highlight the entire address bar.
* Next, if you are going to a .com site, you can simply type in the top domain name and hold down Control and press Enter.  So for example, once we have highlighted, if we type in cnn and hold down Control and press enter, it will put in the http://www and the .com.

Open a link in a new window
You can easily open a link in a new window by holding down shift when clicking the link.

Change font size "on the fly"
You can change Internet Explorer's font size by holding down the Control key and turning the mouse wheel.

Tiling IE Windows
IE 7 & 8 don't default new windows to open in new tabs (which you can easily change in Options), you can tile the Windows.  You can do this by the following:
* When you have multiple Internet Explorer windows (or any Windows programs for that matter) open in the task bar, if you hold down control and right-click a second window, you can choose 'Tile vertically' or 'Tile horizontally'.  In Vista, it is 'Show Windows Stacked' or 'Show Windows Side By Side'.

Close multiple IE Windows at once
You can close multiple windows of the same program at once by doing the following:
* Right-click on the window and choose 'Close Group'.  This will close all of the windows of that particular program.

Searching a particular site
If you know that you will be searching a particular site for information, you can just search that site through your favorite search engine.  For example, if you wanted to search just for tech information you can do so by doing the following:
* Go to your favorite search engine, I will use Yahoo! in this example.  Type in the search bar site:NAMEOFDOMAIN SEARCH QUERY.  So in this example, I will do printer drivers
Notice the spaces, no space between the : and the domain name and a space after the .com/.net/.org etc.

Full-screen mode
You can toggle to and from full-screen mode in Internet Explorer by hitting F-11.

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