Monday, January 25, 2010

5 Reasons you should switch from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome

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I should start out with the disclaimer that I do feel that Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and 8 were huge improvements over IE6. That being said, it still is nowhere near as good a browser as Google Chrome. Don't believe me, read on...

5.) Stability. I have had to uninstall my IE8 now three times because every other time, one of its new 'Add-Ons' have made it completely useless causing every other page to give an 'Unable to connect' message. Microsoft just explains that you should spend a good two hours turning off each of your add-ons and see if you can find the problematic add-on. The problem, even with all add-ons disabled, it still had problems connecting. Chrome isn't 100% perfect but definitely not nearly as likely to give a browser crash. I do pretty intensive browsing and haven't had nearly the same amount of crashes. On a happier side, when Chrome does crash, it uses the phrase, 'awwww snap' which speaks volumes in my book.

4.) Built in spell check. A feature now that I cannot live without. This is something so simple that should have been built into IE since IE6 but they either didn't think of it or didn't see a need. With the huge amounts of social networking and active communication on the Internet now, this is a feature that was long overdue.

3.) No need for the Google toolbar. Whenever I install IE, the first thing that I need to install with it is the Google toolbar to help keep out pop-ups and have the ability to search Google easily. If you use Chrome, you don't have to worry about it - the toolbar is built in.

2.) Simple and adjustable. Chrome makes adding bookmarks a breeze and they can be adjusted on the Bookmarks bar easily just by using drag-and-drop. You can move your tabs and swap them or bring them out of the browser into a new browser session. Importing your favorites and bookmarks is simple. Opening a new tab brings a list of your most surfed sites for your choosing. On top of that, it has adjustable themes so you can change the look of the browser.

1.) Speed. I didn't believe that a browser could be that much faster than IE but after using Chrome for around a year, I had been proven wrong. Since I have to test any Web sites I create on IE, I find myself sitting watching it work to load pages and think, 'this would have been loaded fifteen seconds ago in Chrome.' It is that much faster.

If you still don't believe me, try it yourself - if you hate it, just remove it using Add/Remove programs. Unlike other browsers I can name, it doesn't build itself into the OS making an uninstall an all day project.

Download Google Chrome.

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