Friday, January 29, 2010

Geeky Round-Up: 1/25-1/29/10

I decided to start a weekly post on all the geeky happenings that went on during this past week in case you were entombed somewhere and couldn't get to the Internet until today. And this was your first stop, since it should be your first stop after being entombed. Let's get started...

Apple iPad Bringing New Technology to the Maxi Max
I heard a rumor that Apple made the news this week, I am not sure. If they did, it has gotten like NO press. After some further research, they announced their anticipated iPad. While I personally am on the fence, I do see both its potential and its shortcomings. Twitter, Facebook, all social media outlets, all news media outlets, and the Web as a whole have gone iPad crazy. In less than five minutes I was able to find the insane fanboys who are willing to sign over their mortgage to Apple and buy out every iPad in sight and the complainers who are just listing every possible fault. Let's see, what is wrong with it: no T-Mobile; no widescreen; no Flash support; no USB; no camera; no multitasking. What's right with it: it's pretty cool.

Apple's 8 minute talk about iPad. And in case you are wondering, the guys that work at Apple think it is going to be the best...SHOCKING!

AT&T seems to think it is going to fly off the shelves since they have been telling everyone under the sun how they are planning to upgrade their network for its release.

To me, I think that it looks like an iPhone on steroids. It does have potential but I am not sure it is going to ever be able to take off as a productivity tool for real business use. It will be a cool way for teenagers to get on Facebook at lunchtime though.

Two classic Activision Games go DRM-Free on
Activision released two of their classic PC games, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers as DRM-free downloads through Good Old Games - Both games are $5.99 each. Now, if they would release Pitfall, I would be all over it. Pitfall would be sweet in HD, with surround sound, and the ability to take video of me playing Pitfall through my Webcam. Activision and, make it happen.

Look Titanic, I’m really happy for you. Imma Let you finish. But Avatar is the highest-grossing movie of all time
Apparently, I am the only person on this earth who has not seen Avatar since it is now the highest-grossing movie of all time pulling in 1.86 billion dollars and counting. Since I haven't seen it I can really only comment on things I have read and from the previews. That being said, apparently there are fanboys who are contemplating suicide because life in the Avatar world is so much better than real life, and the big blue thing is supposed to look cool in 3-D. Not really sure that is worth 1.86 billion, but what do I know?

Virtual Console Game Released this Week: Ghoul Patrol
Eh. It was an ok game for the Super Nintendo. Not sure I would lay out the 800 points for it. Quick synopsis, it was a sequel to a superior SNES game "Zombies Ate My Neighbors". If you don't have ZAMN, spend your 800 points on that way before you go for Ghoul Patrol. If you want to get its less interesting, less fun, worst gameplay, but still ok game with good graphics and sound, sequel, then Ghoul Patrol it is.

Site News: I added stuff
I finally got around to putting the About page up. I also removed some of the follow me on Twitter logos and just created a page to house all that information. If you want to follow the clown on Twitter, RSS, Facebook, or e-mail, click here.

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