Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Night's Afterparty/Bar Video Game - GoldenEye

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Back in college I took a job as an associate editor at the college newspaper even after I swore off working at a paper ever again. Why would I do such a thing? Just to buy an N64 and GoldenEye. I worked there two months as the Associate Features Editor, made the money for my N64 (and some party money, it was college), and then quit.

The N64 is the only Nintendo console whose best game doesn't have the word Mario or Zelda in it. It just has one name, Bond. Ok, two names, James Bond. GoldenEye was not only a challenging first-person shooter that used all of the power of the N64, but it was the best four-person game for that console.

It has lived in infamy as THE N64 game. If you had a N64, you had to have GoldenEye. It even had its own Internet meme.

GoldenEye was our classic post party/bar game (circa late-90s). I picked that as my choice tonight after I stumbled on my 64 yesterday and had to break it out for a quick game. Not only does it hold up for its playability, but also a certain nostalgic flare.

Swearing, laughing at your friend's expense, friends laughing at your expense, crying, begging, more laughing, someone screaming, 'just let me get a gun', are all things that will happen playing four-player GoldenEye. However, even if you don't have four friends to play with, break it out just for the first-player shooter.

The biggest problem is that Nintendo and Microsoft were unable to come up with the dollars to get it from Rare and release it. So, no Virtual Console and no XBox Live Arcade. If you want to play it, you have to break out the 64 and use the original. I suppose you could play an emulated version but I have yet to find a controller that does well with the intricacies of the original Bond game. If you never played it and consider yourself a true gamer, you need to get an eBay and get yourself a copy. Enjoy your evening out and enjoy shooting your friends after!

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