Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Night’s Afterparty/Bar Video Game - SSX Tricky

Seeing as half of the country is under a mountain of snow, I figured that the SSX Tricky is a perfect fit for this week's Afterparty/Bar game. While all of the SSX games have their positive and negative points, I consider Tricky to be the classic of the series. Available on PS2, XBox, GameCube, and GameBoy Advance, SSX Tricky takes the original SSX title and bring to a new level. The addition of crazy, unbelievable tricks (Uber tricks before Tricky's sequels would disparagingly rename it Monster tricks), on a speedy course makes the game both entertaining and challenging. On top of that, classic music selections (the game's name comes from the Run D.M.C. song, "It's Tricky", which plays whenever the player lands an Uber trick) that change based on the circumstance of the course, makes this a perfect post-party, probably alcohol enhanced, game.

SSX Tricky took some of the fun of the first game and added not only the Uber tricks but the rivalry mode where you could push down opponents during the course. Before SSX 3 tried to turn it into Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and before the Wii version made doing tricks nearly impossible, this was the quintessential snowboarding game and my recommendation. If you don't have it, before getting ready to head out, make a quick pit stop at GameStop, it is probably dirt cheap.

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