Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tell Google to Stop Searching your Facebook Page

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Following up yesterday's post, another new feature that came with Facebook's elaborate, "new privacy settings" (that, in actuality, takes away more privacy than it insures) is allowing Google the ability to spider your Facebook profile and have it appear if someone searches for you via Google's search engine.

I highly recommend turning this function off. It is up to the individual but having your personal information out on Google does have some risks. Also, for the most part, if someone would like to find you on Facebook, they will be able to in other ways than using Google. You can turn this off by doing the following:

- Hover over 'Settings' and click 'Privacy Settings'

- Uncheck 'Allow' by 'Public Search Results'

Also, I would recommend changing 'Facebook Search Results' to 'Only Friends'. You do not want your employer, instructor, etc. doing a search for you through Facebook and coming up with some of your personal information. Turn it off. Once again if someone wants to find you on Facebook, they will be able to do it through mutual friends, etc. not through general searching. If you think about it, how many friends have you made by plugging their name into the search bar and getting the result? Not too many for me either, if any.

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