Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update your Facebook Privacy Already

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I suppose it is up to the each individual but I have to say, I have gone to more than just a couple of Facebook profiles that were not friends and I could see way more than they would like me to see.

When you click on a profile that belongs to someone who you have not friended, it will pop-up the 'Info' tab with some of the basics on the individual.  However, if not properly secured, if you click on the 'Wall' tab, you can view all of the posts from friends, activity, etc.

I read an article today about employers and college recruiters looking at Facebook profiles during the hiring process, another reason to update that information and keep out those who shouldn't have access to your business.  If a employer requires you to friend them, you at least have time to clean up your site and send a quick, 'please don't do anything inappropriate' note to your inappropriate friends.  Those pictures of you doing a keg stand while wearing nothing but your underwear may not look good to a potential employer.

Updating your Wall privacy is easy - just like updating all of your privacy.  Start by hovering over 'Settings' and click on 'Privacy Settings'.

Click 'Profile Information'.

I recommend switching all of them to 'Only Friends'.  If you want even added security, you can choose 'Customize' and pick the people you would like to see your information.

When you are done, click 'Preview My Profile...' to take a look at what you non-friends see.

As a final note, take a moment to go through all of your photos and make sure that they are 'Only Friends' as well.  Facebook liked to put them at open to the public when it did it privacy "upgrade" that in the end, may all of us more susceptible to our private information going more public.

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