Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Night’s Afterparty/Bar Video Game – Mario Kart

A few weeks ago I picked GoldenEye as my afterparty game of the week for, among other reasons, it was an easy way to make your friends cry out of anger. And nothing is more fun when returning home from a long night of partying than making your friends cry (well there are things that are more fun but we won't get into those). Another game that is notorious for creating welled eyes and obscenity-laden tirades from your friends is Mario Kart.

Miyamoto's team came out with the original in '92 on the Super Nintendo and each subsequent Nintendo console since. Any version will do for your afterparty gaming, they are all good. In a nutshell (or turtle shell) Mario Kart is a go-kart game that uses the characters from the Mario series as its racers. It does have a one-player mode where you can go through circuits but that is boring, the best way to play Mario Kart is by grabbing three of your friends and doing VS. mode.

It is the VS. mode where Mario Kart shines by using power-ups to take out your competition (and by competition, I mean your friends). Whether it be throwing a turtle shell, dropping a banana peel, or dropping some dynamite - the true brilliance of Mario Kart lies in humiliating your friends by hitting them with a turtle shell right when they are about to cross the finish lines (see: making your friends cry above).

As GoldenEye showed, the best games become world renowned outside a gamer's realm. Mario Kart has its own Internet meme and is credited for the catch phrase, 'boom goes the dynamite'.

My personal favorite is the N64 version (probably because that was around when I was in college and we would play) but I have played each of them and they are all great games that will suffice your needs this evening. Be sure to include it in your plans this evening, and when your friend throws the controller to the floor, calls you a very bad name, and storms out of the room because your banana peel caused a crash leading you to win the race ahead of them, think of me.

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