Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Nintendo, Can We Have A Two Player Double Dragon for Virtual Console?

In a glamorous time often referred to as "the 80's" there lived a special place where those who were unable to get dates would find refuge with other mullet having, Dokken t-shirt wearing, dateless individuals.  A place where the scent of popcorn was as pungent as the cacophony of electronic fuzz.  A place long obsolete known as the arcade.

While arcades have made their way into the annals of history for such classics as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and, Space Invaders, there was one title that would change classic gaming and show a darker side.  A side where you can use a baseball bat on a woman and throw dynamite in the face of impossibly large men.  A side where you and your buddy can team up and take on the punks that took your lady.  That title: Double Dragon.

People would line up to play it.  It swallowed quarters like college freshman swallow Milwaukee’s Best. Besides its blatant violent nature, what really grabbed the impressionable player was the ability for a friend to join in and help take on the machine gun toting Willy.

As a pre-teen exposed to this, it was magical.  It had all the debauchery of a rated R movie without having the need to sneak it around my clueless parents.  I couldn't wait until I could get it at home and my brother and I could team up to tear up the Double Dragon bad guys.  It came out for the Sega Master System and it was a good port.  Two player action and the basic elements of the arcade but I didn't have an SMS at home and the house of the friend in the neighborhood who did smelled like moth balls and stale cigar smoke so I needed to wait until the NES version would become available.

When it finally arrived, I was stoked.  We sat down with it and pushed two players and instantly said WTF???!!!??  This wasn't two player Double Dragon, it was a stupid battle that was worthless.  You can only play the main game as one player?  I was crushed.  Now, don't get me wrong, in the end Double Dragon on NES was a great game and it does deserve its spot on Virtual Console.

But Nintendo, come on, release the arcade version.  Altered Beast, Gaplus, Golden Axe, Mappy, Ninja Gaiden (both NES and arcade versions available), Rygar, Shinobi, Soloman's Key, Space Harrier, Starforce, Tecmo Bowl (both NES and arcade versions available), and The Tower of Druaga are all ported arcade games, why not Double Dragon?  Retrogamers beg to you Nintendo...give us our two player Double Dragon.

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