Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Find Out Who Views Your Facebook Profile

Consider this a public service announcement for Facebook users: No matter how many groups you join, pages you become a fan, friends you annoy with requests - there is no program that will allow you to see who views your Facebook profile.

Let's take a quick tour of how the client-server model works and the difference between the client and the server.  When you open up your Web browser and view the Internet, you are acting as a client accessing resources from a server.  In this example, let's use Facebook as our Web server.  The Facebook Web server is where your Facebook profile is housed.  When you go to look at someone's profile page, your Web client is accessing that server.

Since that is the case, the Web server will be the equipment that is not only hosting your profile page but also is keeping the information about who views this information.  Facebook has made it crystal clear that they will never open up the ability for developers to create anything that would be able to access that information as it would go against their privacy policy.

Speaking as a developer, I suppose it would be possible that a developer could create a tool that if someone was scoping your profile, clicked the tool, it could set some sort of cookie with information that could be read later or could write to a database.  However, since the profile page is static, it won't automatically write anything and would require some sort of action by the person stalking you, and that would defeat the whole purpose.  In other words, it would never do what the phishing and malware sites claim to do.

So...in short, stop becoming a victim of possible phishing schemes and malware because - IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO FIND OUT WHO LOOKS AT YOUR PROFILE IN FACEBOOK!!!!  Don't know if I was clear?

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