Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 Robot Chicken Video Game Parodies

UPDATE - The Legend of Zelda link should be working again.

As a huge fan of Robot Chicken, I thought I would pay homage to them by posting 20 of their video game parodies (in no particular order, picking a favorite Robot Chicken parody is like picking your favorite child - actually picking your favorite child is easy, it's like picking your favorite beer). Enjoy!em

20.) Coal miner love (Dig Dug)

19.) Finally know how to slow that Sonic down (Sonic)

18.) Toad's the Best (Mario Kart)

17.) Have to play the geeky card here and say that Space Invaders didn't have enemies that flew down, that was Galaga...Robot Chicken fail (Space Invaders/Galaga)

16.) WTF?!? (Joust)

15.) Mario's concern about the gas prices (Donkey Kong)

14.) The future of video games (Grand Theft Auto attempt)

13.) I actually kind of figured this is how The Legend of Zelda ended (Legend of Zelda)

12.) nOOb Excitebike rider (Excitebike)

11.) PacMan doing his best Keanu (PacMan)

10.) Office politics with a twist (Mortal Kombat)

9.) I actually think that Dragon's Lair may have been more interesting with this storyline (Dragon's Lair)

8.) Adventure still sucks (Adventure)

7.) Donkey Kong doesn't have a chance against the guys from Halo (Donkey Kong/Halo)

6.) I would play this over Dance Dance Revolution or Parapa the Rapper any day (Parapa the Rapper)

5.) Ahhh...humping robot (Wii fit)

4.) Frogger+Burnout=Win (Frogger)

3.) This would make a great minigame in the Final Fantasy universe (Final Fantasy VII)

2.) An inspiring story of Johnny Cage's recovery from a near fatal fatality (Mortal Kombat)

1.) Grand Theft Mario - an add-on for San Andreas? (Super Mario Bros./Grand Theft Auto)

Extra - absolutely nothing to do with video games but if you watch this and not laugh, you have no soul.

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  1. That's not DDR, it's Parapa the rapper!