Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear eBay Sellers, Clean your Games before you Sell them - Savages!

It happened twice this week. I won an old school video game from eBay and became stoked at the thought of a new breed of retrogames in the mail for me to conquer. Waiting the usual week for the game to come in, I hope for a great game. I fight with all of my might to avoid reading online reviews so I can make a decision on the game's merit myself. The day of reckoning arrives, I get it out of the package run it to my video game layer, throw it in the required console, and it starts up for a few seconds and bombs. NOOOO!!!!

I pull it out of the console and throw it in a pile listed as GFY (Go Find Yourself (polite form)) and decide that I will get to cleaning it later, after I go and give a negative rating to the seller for selling a product that doesn't work - especially heinous are those sellers who claim they tested it - liars! I understand and support caveat emptor and know that 9 out of 10 times I will be cleaning eBay games either way since I don't trust shady sellers. That being said, come on...grab some rubbing alcohol and a QTip and take two minutes of your time to clean what you are selling.

What happens if someone buys it that doesn't know how to clean their games? Please eBay sellers, think of the children weeping when they are unable to get their games to work. Take some pride in what you are selling. You most likely already ripped off more than one buyer with overpriced shipping.

Oh well, time to end my rant, grab my Qtips and get my new Genesis game working.

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