Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phantasy Star II: An End Of Innocence

Attention: If you haven't played or completed Phantasy Star II, stop because there are spoilers that will make you question the existence of any supreme being you may worship.

As a child I was heavily into my Nintendo. That was until the Genesis came out and all bets were off. Not only did I pick up the early games for the Genesis, I splurged and got the converter for the old Sega Master System games so that I could finally play my two-player version of Double Dragon.

On top of the two-player Double Dragon I got the first Phantasy Star. I had heard through the grapevine that it was a good RPG and worthy of my attention. After only a few short minutes, I was convinced. The 3-D effects were better than any feeble attempts I had played via the NES and the storyline was interesting to boot. I wasn't new to RPG's playing through Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy on the NES, but this felt different. New. To only imagine how impressed I would have been playing it on the generation console it was released on.

When word came out that Phantasy Star II was coming out for the Genesis, I tried to contain myself. I knew that it would be as good as its predecessor, if not much better as the Genesis was capable of better graphics and sound.

When it came out, I got it home and started to watch the plot unfold in front of me. I was psyched and ready to go. My outcasted halfman/half bio-animal best friend Nei joined me on my quest, I am ready. I go through world after world, mouth ajar at each dramatic twist and turn. The game was even better than I could have anticipated. The enemies animated now, the storyline richer, and the game was taking me forever compared to the first.

Now, like all RPGs, getting each of the story's characters levels up to do certain task was annoying but who cared...this was Phantasy Star. Whoa! Tiem's father kills her. What can happen next? Days and incessant playing pass. I get to Climatrol, cool Nei's other half. Yeah, I'll fight you, c'mon Nei.

Yep, going as planned. Wait, what the hell. She couldn't kill Nei. This is bullshit. Ok, let's revert to the previous saved game and go through this again. Nope, I do not want to fight you. You are a badass - you are the victor, Rolf and Nei bow to your greatness Neifirst. Blah, blah, blah one half dies the other must die. Wait, either way Nei dies.

I played this nonstop for this. My spirit was crushed. Sega might as well have shot Old Yeller, chopped off Luke's hand, killed Bambi's mom, and followed it up by telling me I was adopted. I never looked at the world the same again.

Yes, I finished Phantasy Star II. It was a long and arduous process but I did it with no soul. The world was different to me now. The leaves were much darker than I had ever noticed, the grass just looked dead, and it seemed to get dark earlier in the day. I was in perpetual Fall. Damn you Sega, thanks for ruining my childhood.

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