Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sigh...Update your Facebook Privacy Settings again: Instant Personalization

Facebook has made it their goal to make as much of your personal information public knowledge as possible. Today I started to play around with Yelp and the other sites that take part in the instant personalization. At first, I kind of liked the concept but quickly got burned out of it and saw it as yet another way of Facebook trying to force feed private information to a public sector. Hence, once again, time to adjust your privacy settings.

What it does?
In a nutshell, it lets people know your activity on other sites. The problem, if you wanted people to know what you were doing on other sites, wouldn't you make that part of your status updates, etc.? Yes, yes it would. But in its need to take over the Internet, Facebook has made it so that your friends can see your activity on Yelp, Microsoft Docs, and Pandora (with more coming I am sure).

Turn it off
- Go into your Facebook account and hover over 'Account'
- Click on 'Privacy Settings'
- Click 'Application and Websites' (NOTE: Websites is spelled wrong, it should be spelled Web sites)
- Click 'Edit Settings' to the right of 'Instant Personalization Pilot Program'
- At the bottom, uncheck 'Allow select partners to instantly personalize their features with my public information when I first arrive on their websites.'

That should do it. Now your Yelp activity will be your own.

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