Friday, May 21, 2010

Retrogamey Links for Guy Who Quit Job to Play Video Games

And they say GameStop Stole my Soul Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be demoed on Sunday at Game Stop starting at 9. []

Speaking of Galaxy 2 Apparently IGN thinks it is the best game ever or something giving it a perfect score, in turn, making 360 and PSIII fanboys lose their minds I'm sure. []

Virtual Console Release for 5/17/2010 A pretty good Super Nintendo game, Kirby Super Star. But a bit pricey at 800 points. If you love you some Kirby, may be worth looking into. []

Retrogame Strikes Back - Sonic 4 Sonic 4 finally has a game trailer that is visible on - wait, a game trailer on - that is blowing my mind. As a fan of the series, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to the little blue bastard running at the lightning speeds of the current consoles. []

CNN Takes On PacMan's 30th The arcade version of PacMan turned 30 and, like everyone else on the net, CNN wrote a piece letting you know everything you ever wanted to know about PacMan. Is it kind of sad that Google is able to put an emulated version on their Web site that plays better than 90% of other versions I've played? []

Cris Collingsworth Gets the Boot Gus Johnson will be doing the play-by-play for Madden 11. I guess being on the cover isn't the only Madden curse. []

After Taking my Innocence - I Don't Care about you Phantasy Star PSP will bring a new version of Phantasy Star Portable this Fall. Not that I care, you took Nei from me and I will never f***ing forgive you for it (see Phantasy Star II: An End Of Innocence ). []

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