Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seven Characters that need to be added to Super Mario Bros. Crossover

If you are a fan of the original NES or retrogames in general and haven't heard of Super Mario Bros. Crossover, then you have been living in a cave. Once we pull you out, dust you off, and shave the long beard - Crossover, in a nutshell, is a Flash game played through the browser that allows gamers to play through Super Mario Bros. as some of the NES' most popular characters. Due to its success, just announced Ryu Hayabusa as being one of its newest NES characters brought into the game. I have some ideas for seven others that need to be added...

Existing Characters: Mario, Link, Bill R. (Contra), Simon (Castlevania), Mega Man, Samus (Metroid)
Future Character: Ryu Hayabusa

Rygar He has powers and weapons from the Indora war gods that would do some real damage to those damn flying Cheep Cheeps.

Rash from Battletoads He's gotta craving for Action! Take him to the rumble, newgrounds! If he could tackle Robo-Manus and Big Blag to rescue Pimple and the princess captured by the dark queen he can easily take on the Super Mario Bros. world. The hippest of the main characters, in what could arguably be the hardest game on the NES, deserves a spot head butting Koopas to rescue the princess again (see what I did there - since he rescued the princess and Pimple once, he now rescues another princess...get it...get it...).

Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon II Why Jimmy Lee instead of Billy Lee? Well, for starters - there already is a Bill in Crossover, Bill R. from Contra. Also, Jimmy Lee takes on the DDII baddies to avenge his brother's dead girlfriend. Not his own girlfriend - his brother's. That is a gentleman that should get more than a Luigiesque, side kick title and be brought out into the limelight. Also, imagine what those tornado kicks will do to a group of blocks with hidden coins.

Bub from Bubble Bobble Unlike Rash or Jimmy Lee, Bub is more of a playful soul. They have so many super alpha male types already and Bub brings a little bit more of a gentle side to the Super Mario Bros. world. For no other reason, it would be kind of cool to see what his bubble shooting self will do on the water world.

Bionic Commando He has no name - he is just Bionic Commando. Between the bionic arm and the gun, there are too many opportunities for a character of his depth to not be included. Bionic Commando vs. King Koopa=Win.

Icarus They have both Link and Samus in there so you need to add Icarus to complete Nintendo's mascot group.

Kirby First you draw a circle, Then you dot the eyes, Add a great big smile And presto, it's Kirby! When you talk NES greats, how can you possibly leave out Kirby. With a ton of offensive moves, he would be a great addition. Plus he would fit nicely in between the cutesy Bub and the rest of the alpha males.

And if you are in your cave... is Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

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