Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zynga, I Highly Encourage You To Leave Facebook

Big rumors began popping up this week about Zynga leaving Facebook and staring their own network, tentatively (and rather not very creatively) titled Zynga Live.  I have to say I applaud this decision and highly encourage Zynga to leave Facebook. 

It isn't because I really care about Zynga (with the exception of my cousin, as a Zynga employee, keeping his job which would make him happy) since I don't play Mafia Wars or Farmville but it would stop the insane amounts of Farmville and Mafia Wars requests I get daily.  I am a selfish bastard that way.  

It really is a win/win situation. 

The first big winner will be Zynga.  Zynga will save a ton of money that they are just handing over to Facebook.  Even losing some of its 80+ million gamers will be a wash with savings of the rather large 30% tax that they have to hand over each time Facebook credits are spent. 

Follow that up with the fact that enough people log into Facebook just to play the games so that will lead to the Zynga Live network's popularity.  Also, with the negative privacy publicity that Facebook has been incurring, they could easily spin that as part of their reasoning for leaving to help their credibility (instead of sounding like they are money hungry which, let's face it, they are a corporation - they are all money hungry).  They can make themselves sound like the founding fathers tired of taxation without representation and decided to revolt.  "The lawyers are coming...the lawyers are coming!"

The other big winner is me.  If I can stop being inundated with Farmville and Mafia Wars requests, I can spend my time on Facebook doing what I do best, stalking those around me.  After all it is the REAL reason for Facebook.

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