Friday, July 30, 2010

Microsoft Helps me Out - the Mayans were Right about 2012

 In December my iPod died and I saw a great bargain for an 8 gig Zune for $100 w/ car adapter and leather case so I went ahead and grabbed it as a pseudo Christmas present to myself.  Fast forward five months and the damn thing died without warning.  Worked great while I exercised and the next day nothing - won't turn on, won't charge, nada.

 So I called Microsoft and let them know that the Zune sucks and it doesn't work.  They had me try plugging it in for three hours (like I didn't try that) and then unplug it.  Nope.  They had me unplug it and then plug it in real fast.  Nope.  Since it was under warranty they told me to send it in and I should get it back in 15-21 days.

 Today they just sent me my Zune back.  But it wasn't my Zune.  It was an 80 gig replacement Zune.  Could Microsoft just upgraded me for no charge?  Could I be that lucky?  Sure enough, plugged it in and it was the upgrade.  The only downside, it was filled with someone else's music!  Hopefully some dude isn't sitting waiting for his Zune back since I just deleted all his tunes and is loading it with mine.  Is it possible I have just given Microsoft a compliment two days in a row?  Hell is truly freezing over - the Mayans were right 2012 is coming.  Prepare for the pillage.

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