Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shadow of the Ninja: I Don't Mean to Toot my Own Horn but…Toot, Toot

In April, I wrote a review 'A Great NES Game You Probably Never Played: Shadow of the Ninja'. I was just informed that in June, it was released on Virtual Console. According to
Get ready for furious side-scrolling, platforming ninja action! The mad emperor, Garuda, holds the city trapped in his diabolical claws. Only two brave ninja warriors dare to stand against him. They move as silently as shadows in the snow, swift and graceful as the wind, and strike with the explosive fury of razor-clawed tigers!
Playing solo or co-op with a friend, you'll slice, bomb, and shuriken your way through Garuda's army of vicious soldiers, agile ninjas, and monstrous robots. Use your ninja skills to hang from moving platforms, leap over lethal pitfalls, and dodge diabolical traps. Collect deadly powerups to give yourself an edge against the overwhelming odds that face you...if you can hold on to them. It'll take all of your platforming prowess to navigate the game's thirteen intense levels and bring some old-fashioned ninja justice to Garuda!

Mmmmm..."furious side-scrolling" and striking with explosive fury...that's a lot of fury and a whole lot of adjectives for one paragraph. If you don't think it is worth the 500 points to get this, do the rest of society a favor and stop playing games altogether and take up playing the recorder because you are not cool enough for your Wii (and just from the consoles name alone, that is an oxymoron).

Anyway, what does this mean? I have finally elevated to a mouthpiece for the gaming industry who waits on my every post so that they can make their decisions based on my advice. That has to be it. I refuse to believe in coincidence - it is much more effective thinking that I am near God-like status.

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