Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Sorely Needed Facebook Feature

Last year, I wrote a post, "6 Things Facebook Could Do To Make User's Experience Better" - http://geekyclown.com/?p=81.  Of the six things, only making friend requests separate from other requests have been accomplished (and nicely I must say with a separate tab in the upper-left-corner).  I still feel that there is a definite need for an edit button, a rich text editor, and transferable photo albums, but I digress. 

I have found another feature that is sorely needed for Facebook and that is a filter for the News Feed.  Let me give you an example of why this would be helpful...

Facebook friend, that you were introduced to at a bar who bought you that shot called the "dirty ashtray", updates status on the News Feed with: "If you have the best mother in the world that would do anything, including prostitution, in order to support your $10,000 a day heroin habit, 'like' this.  POST THIS TO YOUR STATUS IF YOU HAVE THE BEST HOOKER MOM IN THE WORLD."

Fine, annoying but fine.  Later, you come back and see the same iteration of the above status 25 times.  Soon, your News Feed is filled with this.  But if I had the ability to add a filter (just like most e-mail programs have) I can have Facebook exclude anything that has the expression, "POST THIS TO YOUR STATUS" and it would take out the repeats.  

This way, on Mother's Day - I could exclude "Happy Mother's Day" since that is all anyone posts.  "Happy Flag Day" - excluded.  "I love my boyfriend" - excluded.  "I hate Obama/Bush/Pelosi/any other political pundit" - excluded.  The possibilities are endless. 

Facebook, hear me Facebook, add some features that actually make the user's experience better.  And, give me the damn Edit button already!

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