Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tunes for Tuesday: Wilco, New Years Y2K

Grabbed this from DIME and have been enjoying it all morning. I went ahead and converted to mp3 (don't hate audiophiles, you don't want mp3 - don't download it, get a DIME account and grab the FLAC version) and threw it up on MegaUpload. I even put the ID3 tags in so no messing with song titles, etc. (that's why you love me). I wonder how many people at the venue wondered if this would be the last show they would ever see as the world was supposed to come to an end at midnight when all the computers in the world stopped working.

Grabbed from user ademotte at http://www.dimeadozen.org with all of his/her original notes and comments below. Enjoy some Wilco.

LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DXTG3A4M

Riviera Theater
Chicago, Il.
December 31, 1999 - January 1, 2000

Lineage: SB => Master DAT => DAT => CDR => EAC => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab =>
WAV => FLAC Conversion (level 8)

Track Listing:

Disc 1 (52:40):
(1) Intro (0:26)
(2) Sunken Treasure (6:56)
(3) Too Far Apart (4:07)
(4) Candyfloss (3:03)
(5) Red Eyed and Blue (2:27) =>
(6) I Got You (2:00) =>
(7) Martian Invasion (2:37) =>
(8) Elvis Intro (0:28) =>
(9) Hound Dog (2:06)
(10) Revolution (3:51) =>
(11) I Got You (reprise) (1:07)
(12) Countdown (1:41)
(13) Auld Lang Syne (1:12)
(14) Someone Else's Song (3:17)
(15) I'm Always In Love (3:53)
(16) How To Fight Loneliness (4:49)
(17) Hotel Arizona (5:01)
(18) Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway(again) (3:31)

Disc 2 (51:42):
(1) She's A Jar (4:36)
(2) A Shot In The Arm (5:15)
(3) Misunderstood (6:47)
(4) Should've Been In Love (3:43)
(5) Hesitating Beauty (3:13)
(6) I Can't Stand It (4:07)
(7) Monday (4:36)
(8) The Long Cut (4:31)
(9) Box Full Of Letters (3:28)
(10) California Stars (4:05)
(11) Forget The Flowers (3:38)
(12) Outta Site (Outta Mind) (3:38)

Fingerprints: In separate txt file

File size:
- FLAC compressed: 581 mb
- Uncompressed: 1.02 Gb

Notes: Great Wilco New Year's Eve set from 1999/2000 headlining a double bill with Steve Earle. The band delved into performance art as the clock approached midnight . . . they started "I Got You" at 11:45 PM, and shortly into the song, costumed "Martians" burst onto the stage and pretended to kidnap the band. The lead Martian introduced the audience to the world's new "king," and an Elvis impersonator (a roadie (Jonathan Parker?)) came out, did a couple of covers, and helped the band count down to midnight. The joke fell pretty flat, and Tweedy made several ironic comments about it during the rest of the show to try to recover. Other than that strange diversion, the show itself was great.

The recording is great -- very well mixed. Levels are a little hot, but I didn't hear any distortion. I used Audix to edit out a couple of brief static bursts between songs (from the monitor - not diginoise); otherwise this recording is untouched.

I uploaded this show to DIME in early 2005, and it hasn't been posted since. Hopefully this will fill a hole in a few people's collection. This one's highly recommended for both its sound quality and performance (as well as the weirdness of the Martian invasion).

No artwork; sorry. Please make some!

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