Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Farkle Strategy Guide

I have become addicted to the Facebook game Farkle.  Two reasons: one, it is like a speedier version of Yahtzee; two, I suck at Bejeweled Blitz.  Here is a strategy guide that I use for Farkle to help build up big scores.

The 500 rule.  Keep going unless you have a minimum of 500.  Even if there is one die left, just keep going.  Farkle has a tendency of going in waves so when hot streaks come, take full advantage to 500 or higher.

500 rule exception 1: If you are playing for your third Farkle, forget the 500 rule and take the easy 300 and avoid negative points.

500 rule exception 2: As I stated above, when talking about the 500 rule, Farkle comes and goes in waves.  If you are on a down wave you are going to Farkle if you live by the 500 rule.  Break the cycle and start again.  Example, you got a Farkle the turn before and your first throw on the next turn is a five, two three's, two four's, and a two - it may be time to end your turn when you hit 300. 

500 rule exception 3: Feel out your throws, if you are at 350 and had to work real hard to get it with only one die left, maybe cut your losses and hope for the next throw.

More dice the merrier part 1: don't fall for the two fives.   The key to the game is getting three of a kind (hopefully ones).  That being said, two fives may equal 100 points but it also removes two dice from the table.  Just take one five and leave the extra dice on the table.  Also, if you have a one and a five on the table, take the one and leave the five giving you better odds for the next roll. 

More dice the merrier part 2: at the same time don't fall for the low triples.  Triples are the key to success and three two's looks great but it only gives you 200 points and you left with only three dice on the table. 

Don't get cocky.  It's good to play cocky and play by the 500 rule but the game has a tendency of taking a turn on you when you get too cocky.  For example, when you get 2500 points it may just go ahead and give you a Farkle with 4 dice left.  Feel out your wave, if you have been doing great all game, you may be able to get a huge turn.  On the other hand, if you have Farkled three of the last five rounds, you may want to take your points and run.

Beware of the three dice.  When you have three dice left, that is the fence.  Four, five, and six dice are no brainers - keep going.  One or two dice are no brainers (with a score of 500 or above) - stop.  Three is the fence.  If you have a great score (500+) it may be best to stop with three left on the table.  Otherwise, keep going.

When to spend your chips?  I generally only spend mine when I have a great score to begin with (8,000-10,000+) or am looking to beat someone in particular.

Hopefully this helps.  And if any of my Facebook friends read this, just ignore it - nothing to see here.

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