Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Point a FatCow Domain to Blogger

I recently moved my hosting from FatCow to Blogger but didn't know (because I am not too smart (and it was rather hidden)) that there was a separate place that I needed to disable automatic renewals and that was the domain.  So there I was with a domain name and no hosting.  I looked at Blogger's help materials and they had several of the "big" hosting companies but not FatCow.  I looked all over and couldn't find any materials so thought I would write a post on how to point a FatCow domain to Blogger (or Blogspot).

1.) First thing, from FatCow's Web site, click on 'Control Panel'
2.) Then, click on 'Custom DNS Record'
3.) Select the domain name from the drop-down under 'Primary Domain' and click 'Go'
4.) Under the 'Points to IP' there should be an IP address right underneath that says, "To route your web traffic to FatCow, set this value to ###.###.###.###".  It doesn't make much sense since our goal is to route our traffic not to FatCow but to Blogger but you do enter that number where it says, 'Points to IP'
5.) Under 'Subdomains' put a 'www' next to your domain name in "1."
6.) Under 'Points to IP/Domain/Alias:' put in 'ghs.google.com' (without the ')
7.) Under 'Wildcards' in 'Points to IP/Domain/Alias' point to the IP address you put in for #4
8.) Under 'Mail', under 'MX1 Priority:' put in '10' and under 'Points to Alias/Domain' put in mx.fatcow.com

That should do it.  What a pain in the butt!

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