Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mario Forever a Malware Infested Mess

This is one of many forthcoming posts about free Mario games that you can play for the PC.  Since I put Mario as the King of games, I have strong feelings for the Mario series.  I went ahead and just took a look at CNET and grabbed their most downloaded game Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mario Forever (download link is at the bottom but finish reading before downloading).

I installed it and immediately alarms started sounding in my head as it wanted to install a "Mario Forever" toolbar.  Then AVG went haywire warning me about malware (and to run it you had run as administrator) so it was obvious that this was...malware.  Anyway, going against everything that I would ever tell any one of my students or any of my coworkers, I played it anyway.  The sacrifices I make for my one reader.

All in all, the game sucks.  It was obviously created by fans of Super Mario World (which I am as well) since the music is pretty much note for note from there.  It looks like the Super NES Mario remakes in Super Mario All-Stars, but it required an unreasonable amount of processor power to play, what was essentially, a 16-bit (at best) game.  Another pet peeve came in the first world castle, they had falling lava - that doesn't hurt you, what the shit is that about?  

The controls never felt right and you weren't able to configure your joypad so you would have to use their default configuration or use Joy2Key (which I talk more about in my post - Play (Mostly) Every NES Game from Your Browser with Joystick Support:  I only played the first world and said, "screw it, why am I wasting my time on this."   So, don't download since it is obviously malware and it sucks anyway.

Now off to run AVG and Malwarebytes!

As promised here is the link in case you didn't read a single word of this post and decided you like putting malware on your computer just to play a shitty version of Super Mario Bros.;contentBody

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