Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Survivor: The Living Dead - a Great, Free, Zombie Killing Adventure

I started to play Survivor: The Living Dead and it does pretty much everything right.  It takes on the concepts and the bone-chilling audio of some of the great zombie films; it has an entertaining and funny introduction; it has a complete retro, 16-bit feel; it is TOUGH.  I have played about an hour-and-a-half and have just moved past the first stage.  This is a game that presents itself as an action game but, in the end, comes off more as a puzzler. 

But, no matter how tough and simple in nature (there is really only one level, the house), I keep coming back.  I want to beat the whole thing.  I want to get all of the unlockables and play through both the story and endure phases. 

Hydorah (which I talked about earlier this week in my Al Unser Turbo Racing review ( is a tough, crazy, enemy infested, plague while this has a billiards playing, "how to set myself up best for my next move" mentality.  Both games, which are completely different (and free - see links at the bottom), are great retro throwbacks that bring fun back into the equation with gaming (as opposed to twenty minute cut scenes).

I listened to this week's NoobToob podcast (highly recommended - and they discussed what they think makes a game great and this would fall into, what they describe as, a game that I keep coming back to because I just need to beat it.  It may infest my dreams.

I think joystick support would be a MAJOR plus to the next upgrade but, outside of that (and can use Joy2Key (which I discuss here if need be), I really don't have too much in the complaint department.  A tough action puzzler that I will gladly write a follow-up...the moment I beat it (so don't expect it any time soon).  Overall, graphics - 16-bit good.  Audio - fabulous.  Fun - as hell.  Grade - A-.

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