Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I'm Playing this Week - October 1, 2014 Edition

Since I am dedicated to writing a post a day, I thought I would start simple and just say what I am playing this week.  I took the kind word of my terrific Twitter followers and picked up this bad boy for Symphony of the Night.

Seeing as SOTN was released in 1997, I guess it is about time I play it.  Plus I get Super Contra and Frogger to boot.  I'm hoping Super Contra isn't as ridiculously hard as the NES version but I have a feeling it will be.

Also, I started to play one of my favorite Zelda games again, Link to the Past for SNES.  It's been nearly twenty years (holy hell, did I just type that) since I beat it and thought I would go ahead and give it another go.  I have to say, even though I am only through the first dungeon, it still holds up.  Above and beyond that, it doesn't look terrible on my big screen flat panel HDTV.  I still cannot stand the dungeon rooms that require a torch.  Come on already!

Which leads me to this evening.  Generally speaking, Wednesday nights are my night's to just chill with a bottle of wine and catch up on a few hours of gaming.  Since Symphony of the Night hasn't come in yet, I will be trying something new that I picked up this week.  

This was basically a random pick-up I made.  I know absolutely nothing about it other than the pictures on the back of it looked really cool.  If you have any info, recommendations, etc. let me know on Twitter.  

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