In a nutshell, been a geek since 1984. I began programming BASIC on my Atari 800XL when I was 9 and never looked back. 

After college, I taught computers to junior high kids and found that was NOT for me and entered the private sector right at a time when this brand new invention was coming out, to the average consumer, called, "the Internet". Even though I had been on "the Internet" since 1991 (on a 2400 baud modem nonetheless (that's 2.4 kbps which was considered "ultra fast" in 1987)), the masses were beginning to be drawn to this new form of media and its potentials for both personal use and business use. I spent a year programming SGML before I took a new position called a "Webmaster" .   I also have worked as a freelance designer and developer since 1997 and have designed dozens of professional and personal Web sites. 

I began, in the fall of '00, teaching Computer Science at two local colleges. Some of the courses I have taught over the last decade include: Introduction to Computers, the Internet, HTML & CSS, DreamWeaver, Microsoft Office Suite, and JavaScript. I also have spoken at conferences on technology, the Internet, and their uses in business. 

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