Friday, February 19, 2010

Geeky Round-Up: 2/13-2/19/10

What a boring week in Geekdom...

PayPal and Facebook Hook Up
Now you can pay for items in Mafia Wars and other time-consuming Facebook games via PayPal. Apparently Facebook and PayPal made an agreement to buy Facebook credits though a user's PayPal account. This could be less exciting, but I am really not sure how - maybe if Tiger Woods were buying Facebook credits through PayPal, then I will officially be asleep or suicidal.

Yahoo! and Microsoft Hook Up
In a week where companies seem to be trying to spawn little company babies, who will eventually be teased by the neighborhood kids for it's parents giving it a stupid name like Bingoo or Yang, Microsoft and Yahoo! have reached an agreement to work together to take down Google. Of course, two failing search engines combining to form one big failure will have no chance of doing that and it seems rather ridiculous seeing 'Powered by Bing' on Yahoo!'s search page. If it's powered by Bing why would I go to Yahoo! except maybe to play Fantasy Football? I can skip the middle man and go directly to Bing or its inevitable new name Bingo.

Tiger Takes Over Twitter
After Tiger Wood's apology today, he is the only thing being discussed on Twitter. I guess the crazy guy who crashed a plane in the IRS building to garner attention should have waited until after Tiger apologized because no one is going to be talking about crazy guy anymore. Poor crazy guy.

Time to Update to FireFox 3.6
If you have the 3.5 versions of FireFox, Mozilla released patches to fix some security holes. Before going through all the work of grabbing the patches, just grab the newest version of FireFox here.

Virtual Console Game of the Week: Sonic & Knuckles
In 1994 both Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles came out and I never have been able to decipher which one is my favorite Sonic game because they are both great titles. Both are fast, fun, and full of Sonic-y goodness. This one offers the ability to play as Knuckles who may be slower but can plow through just about anything, and has a cool name...Knuckles. Unfortunately, this is the game that screwed up the entire naming system for the Sonic games. It should have been Sonic 4 but that would have made it easier to keep track of the Sonic games. As a side note, Sega announced that they will be creating Sonic 4 - Episode 1 (WTF??!!!???) this Summer. Why can't they just stay with the number system? It appeared to have worked with everything else in the world, why not Sonic games. Why name them Sonic Heroes and Sonic Gems when it could be Sonic 4 and Sonic 5? Anyway, I digress. In the end, Sonic & Knuckles is well worth your Wii points so spend, spend, spend - Nintendo needs the money.

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