Friday, June 4, 2010

Faith Restored: Facebook Ads Know Me Better Than I Thought

Usually Facebook's ad engine just throws irrelevant ads at me like we don't even know each other.  After hundreds of ads featuring the creepy guy constantly trying to give me money, StubHub trying to sell me tickets, and Netflix trying to get me to sign up for a membership, I had nearly given up on Facebook.  My faith was on the cusp and then today they hit me with an ad that was obviously written just for me.  Thank you Facebook.  My faith has been restored and yes I agree that day drinking is hard work and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it easier and cheaper. 

Look how day drinking helped Yasmina Villasana.  She was able to do this at 6 a.m. (is that technically day drinking?)  And, don't worry, she walked away with only minor injuries after trying to get back into her car that was ablaze.  Ah day drinking, you are truly my only friend.

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