Thursday, July 29, 2010

Microsoft taking on Google for Worthless Street Tool

I think it is safe to say Google's StreetView is relatively worthless. I have used it maybe five times in my entire life - four times as complete, "this is kinda cool but worthless" moments and once to find out where that damn tire place is on the unbelievably busy road.

That being said, Microsoft (who I am always worried to promote anything of their's) has come out with Streetslide which takes the relatively worthless Streetview and makes it a whole lot cooler. With Streetslide you can pan down the street instead of having to move the panorama. They took it one major step further by putting the addresses and the business names in the view so finding that damn tire place on the busy road will be much easier. Take a look, I think if it isn't ridiculously buggy on release, it could be relatively worthless but cool.

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