Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SanDisk Walks Tall and Carries a Really Small Stick

SanDisk just announced that they are coming out with the smallest USB flash drive dubbed Cruzer Blade (my assumption being that it was named after the Wesley Snipes character in the 'Blade' movies and it is a powerful tool to assist in the elimination of vampires). Now, I would never take this opportunity to be a comedic hack and throw in the whole, size does matter thing (even though I am sure it is going to end up being part of their marketing campaign because marketing geniuses are just that damn clever.) Anyway, ZDNET says...
SanDisk on Tuesday unveiled what it calls the smallest USB flash drive in North America. The drive weighs about the same as a penny and is the size of a paper clip.

So I guess the future is here and it is the size of a paper clip. As an instructor, I look forward to students losing these constantly and having to hear incessant complaining that, "I can't find my drive because it is too small." Then, I will respond and say, "that's what she said." Then, I will point both index fingers at them as I yell, "zing!"

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