Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free PC Game of the Day: Lethal Judgement Origins

I know that I have already fallen behind on my claims that I will be blogging more.  Stupid work!

<MyBoringHistoryofGaming>Anyway, ever since I played Gradius for the NES I have been a huge fan of shooters.  I take that back, it was River Raid for the 2600 that started my passion for shooters.  Or maybe even Asteroids.  Well, Gradius would be the one that started me into horizontal shooters.  And that enjoyment would grow as I played great titles like Life Force, Thunder Force III & IV, R-Type, UN Squadron, and hundreds of others.</MyBoringHistoryofGaming>

In this day where most gaming decisions are first-person-shooter or play a cutesy game on Wii, it is good to go back and play an old fashioned horizontal scrolling shooter like we had in my youth.  That is what Lethal Judgement is, a good side-scroller with tons of power-ups and a difficulty level that starts out a breeze but slowly gets a little obscene.

I only got to sit down with it for a little while this afternoon but can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is a great game.  On top of that, it's free (for PC if you are an XBox-er it 240 points through XBox Live).

It has the spirit of R-Type and there is no way that can be bad (for those of you who don't know what R-Type is, shame on you and get on the Internet and download the ROM).

Graphically it is out of this world, plays great (I would highly recommend a controller if you are not used to using the keyboard controls for other games), and a retro feel that makes it worth a download.   Definitely game me that familiar nostalgic feeling.  I think I am going to have to throw on some Skid Row and watch The Cosby Show next.

Check it out here -


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