Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wii U makes siblings beat each other

Two days ago I posed the question, how will it become feasible for Nintendo to keep the price down by offering up-to-four touchscreen controllers at a guesstimated $100+ a piece for the new Wii U?  Well, it appears the answer is simple - only one controller.

While they haven't "officially" said that, their press release is pretty telling.  It discusses "a" controller and none of the demos at E3 feature multiple controllers.  So, I guess I was right that the controllers are too damn expensive for multiplayer.

I guess Super Mario Kart, Mario Party, and other multiplayers will take on a whole new level of competition as brother beats on brother to get the cool touchscreen controller.  It will be anarchy in households across the world.  It is a sad day to be the youngest in a household of four children as that child will be forced to use the old, generic battery fueled, Wiimote that came with the original Wii purchased in 2006.

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