Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've been Playing with some Angry Birds on Chrome

Editor's Note:  I know, I missed posting yesterday.  I will double up posts one day this week to make up for it.  Saturday's are meant for alcohol not for blogging.

I don't have an iPhone or an iPad.  I have been on Verizon for years and just got a new phone before the big iPhone announcement so I am stuck with a rather shitty LG whose touch screen barely works.  So I haven't been able to enjoy or embrace the whole app phenomenon to the extent of my iPhone brethren.  When I would listen to podcasts of fellow gamers talking about Angry Birds I would think, "what is Angry Birds and why are the birds angry, is it a Hitchcock thing?"  The latter part of that question I still am unclear about.

I did however finally get a taste of Angry Birds.  I didn't get it from a portable app but from my favorite browser, Chrome.  I discovered (as did a good 4 million others) and have quickly become addicted.  It isn't anything fancy or mind blowing but it is a fun game that, from conversations with other nerdy iPhone aficionados holds true to the mobile version.

For those unfamiliar with Angry Birds, it is a strategy-based game where you throw, well, angry birds at pigs in hopes of smashing them.  The less birds you use to smash the pigs, the more points you get.   It sounds easier than it is, especially in the later levels.

Now for the downside, the Chrome version only has the first group of levels but they do promise to be bringing more to the table.  But, they also have special Chrome levels that are unlockable to make up for it.  I know, this post was short but you really need to play the game to understand.  Go grab yourself some Angry Birds (you can install it as an app in Chrome if you would like instead of going to their Web site each time).  If you don't have Chrome, do yourself a favor and go here - and download it.  You will thank me.

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