Friday, November 12, 2010

Sonic Fan Remix Demo Reviewed

I just got through playing the demo for Sonic Fan Remix (first three levels of Emerald Zone which can be downloaded here - and thought I would give some impressions.

First impression: It is perfect for fans of the old time Genesis Sonics.  It plays like the original series of games and for those who have a nostalgic soft spot for those games, you should stop reading now and download just to get a taste.  Familiar enemies, familiar levels, and familiar feel to the original Genesis carts.

Graphically: Aesthetically it is out of this world.  Beautiful scenery throughout the demo.  That being said, I did get hit a couple of times because you couldn't see the enemies because there was so much going on.

Sound: It is the original music from the Genesis.

Problems: I did have some problems though.  The first, and it could be because I played it on my work laptop (Dell Precision 6300 w/ Duo Core 2 and 4 gigs of RAM), it moved drastically slow and I blue screened half-way through the first level.  After the reboot, I played just the game with nothing else running and jacked up the virtual memory and that solved the issue.  I liked Knuckles and was sad I didn't get to see him but maybe later in the game when the full version is released.  Also, Sonic doesn't have the Sonic attitude that he had in the first game when you let him stand for too long.  Finally, my biggest concern, what is Sega going to do with this?  It appears the developer's goal is to have it freeware (which is awesome) but will Sega let him or are they going to stop him before the full version is released.  Anyway, that being the case, I will keep an eye out and do a write up when it comes out so we can all grab it in case Sega decides to pull the plug on a game that they wish they would have made.  Final Grade: A-

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