Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Custom Watermark Fail in Word 2007

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Yesterday, I was given a task to put a Watermark on some Microsoft Word documents before they went into our database.  As part of an end of day task to blow off steam, I sat down with Word 2007 to do just that.  Forget about blowing off steam, all I wanted to do was create a custom watermark with our company logo and put it on the document.  But, 'Custom Watermark' was greyed out under the 'Watermark' option (located in Word 2007 under the 'Page Layout' tab).

After some tinkering I realized that since I have Word 2007 default to Web view (under the 'View' tab), that wasn't an option.  Why?  Who know.  I guess we don't need Watermarks on the Web for printable documents - even though I can come up with ten examples off of the top of my head this very minute where it would be helpful.  To be able to add a custom watermark, you need to change the view to 'Print Layout' (under the 'View' tab), and then go under the 'Page Layout' tab, choose 'Watermark' and then 'Custom Watermark'.  Lovely doing business with you Microsoft.

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