Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why Fringe is just as Frustrating as X-Files

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frustratedI started to free up the DVR this weekend and one of the many shows I was behind on is Fringe.  I have to admit, I really liked Fringe last season.  It had that X-Files vibe going for it without being as crazy as Lost.  This year, we also have Flash Forward which is similar in nature.  To make this clear, in a lot of ways, I always thought of X-Files as being one of the best science fictions shows on TV.  However, I have noticed a similar pattern between the two shows and one that always frustrated me about the X-Files

Fringe loves to start a storyline and then abandon it for way too long just to bring it back like nothing happened in between.  X-Files used to do this as well.  For three weeks straight the X-Files would bring on a powerful storyline, smoking man in tow, and then the following week, no mention of it.  All of a sudden Mulder and Scully would be hunting down a wolf boy in the middle of the woods after spending the past three weeks uncovering government conspiracy.

Fringe does this to an unnerving degree.  They start a storyline about the observer and the episode is great.  Then we are forced to succumb to episodes that completely drop the storyline just to have it come full circle and bring them up again.  I understand that they may want to avoid making the show 'soap operaish' but at the same way, you can't really have it both ways.  It can't be a one episode show one week (Snakehead a few weeks ago), ala CSI or Law & Order, and then bring up an elaborate storyline the next.  Perhaps you need to consider new writers if you can't fill a twenty/twenty-four episode season without having to put in filler episodes between relavent story patterns. 

BTW, what ever happened to Dunham's partner who died and then was saved (who I learned through writing this were married in real life, go figure)?  I know he has a new show on so I guess he won't be back.

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