Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Using to Convert Images to Use as Icons for your Web site

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Just had a conversation about adding an icon to appear next to the name of the Web site in the browser and finally broke down and put one in.  When I was done, I was asked by a coworker what software I used to create the icon as an .ico file.

I just explained I used an online conversion tool that I always use at to upload a jpeg/gif/png image and have it convert it to an icon file.  The nice thing about as opposed to others is it has a preview tool to see what you are publishing before you save to your hard drive.  I did tell her the importance of taking the image (in this case my super, scary looking clown) and shrink it down in PhotoShop to 16x16 first, sharpen the image, and then save it as a jpeg. 

And, after doing that noticed that Internet Explorer 8 still has a bug that requires full physical paths to the icon file as opposed to virtual paths.  Thought they would have fixed that since I noticed it in IE6.  I am not trying to pick on Microsoft (even though my last three posts have been Microsoft bugs).

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