Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giving Gadiel's Phish Page its Overdue Props

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Right before I left for lunch today, for no real reason whatsoever, a Web site I hadn't gone to in nearly a decade popped into my head -  In 1999-2000 that was a must visit site for me every single morning for my daily fix of Phish news.  I believe in 2000 (my dates can be totally off mark, it was a long time ago) Gadiel decided to close down the site and started working with  Today, I went there expecting a 404 and sure enough there is still a stripped down version of Andy Gadiel's page.  I was stoked.

Right after college I went ahead and attempted my own music blog (before blogs were popular and had some sort of ad revenue programs) and Gadiel was one of the few sites that would ever post my articles and help bring traffic over to my site.  When the site was forced to close down and I had to go and get one of those actual job type things, I never forgot Gadiel's help and was happy to see that it is still around. 

I realize that this isn't particularly geeky and doesn't mesh with anything else I have posted thus far but wanted to give Andy his due props for keeping me up-to-date with one of my favorite band's earlier in the decade and hopefully for a long time to come.  You the man Andy Gadiel!

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