Friday, December 18, 2009

Delete Sensitive Data Properly Using Eraser

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Most knowledgable computer users know that by deleting a file from within your Operating System that you do not actually delete the file, youeraser just take the reference to the file from the system table.  The file remains until another file takes its place.  Even then, it still may be accessed with recovery tools.  Things like passwords, financial records, and personal data that may be removed from a hard drive may still be recoverable by someone wanting to get that data.  Even formatting the drive does not make those files impossible to retrieve. 

One tool that I found that does a good job of eliminating these files is Eraser.  Eraser allows you to remove files from your drive by overwriting it several times with a selected pattern to effectively remove magnetic remnants from the hard drive.

Just by using this, you can be sure that your sensitive files are safe from prying eyes.  You can also set it on a schedule so that it erases unused disk space to make sure some of your past files can't be retrieved.

In short, if you have sensitive data that you want to make sure no one can retrieve from your machine, Eraser is a must-have program.

Download the newest version of Eraser from here -

Eraser's Web site here -

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